Jason Moran
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
  Go Ahead, Chop My Hand Off
I love wacky science and health stories. A guy chopped half of his finger off and it grew back.

Using some cellular matrix powder made out of pig's bladder like some sort of magical pixie dust the dude just sprinkled it on his stump and the finger grew back in a few weeks.

I can't wait until they start growing back amputated legs or tossing a third arm on people. Yo, doc, my liver's going bad can you grow me a new one? Thanks, bro.

I wonder if we can use a sport star's tissue to grow near-superhuman legs/etc for next gen soldiers?

Implants? No, these are natural. Naturally somebody else's, but still natural.

The possibilities are sort of crazy.

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Screw you, Lorena! How you like me now??
Act now, and you can be the first to get Dolly Parton's all natural breast augmentation powder! It's a hoot!
Ah yes John Bobbit. That's what this is about Jason. You are desperately looking for an alternative to "the extender." I'd wait a bit before u cut that off.
Yes, even before my incident, I experienced the same feelings of inadequacy that young Jason here is feeling. I think it must be from all that creatine powder we both consumed.
Speaking of penal systems... I fear this is going to wreak havoc on the Saudi justice system! What good is cutting off the hand of a thief??

Allah akbar!
Cut one off and I'll grow back two! (I'm referring to the thieves hands of course).
Holy smokes! I think I found a gel that works just like this! I put this "styling" gel in my hair every time it gets cut and it grows right back in a few weeks!
You use Rogaine?
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