Jason Moran
Monday, September 18, 2006
  Stop Looking For The Cheapest Gas
I was reading an article that really helped to put the way many people go out of their way to get to the cheapest gas station into perspective. Lots of websites exist to help locate the cheapest gas at any given point in time. People will spend extra effort in locating gas stations which are cheaper than other gas stations in the area.

However, you need to put Gas Prices In Perspective. If you really analyze the situation, you can spend your effort much more effectively in shopping smarter in the other areas of your life. My buddy Luke's mom worked in NYC and would pay the toll to get in and out of the city to buy the cheaper New Jersey gas. However, even a fill up at 15 cents per gallon cheaper doesn't save enough money to even pay for the toll.

Yes, gas is a mostly inelastic good. Yes, people buy A LOT OF gasoline. However, just by bargain shopping elsewhere for 1-2 items will completely offset any "gains" from bargain gasoline shopping. Buying a few items from discount stores instead of a higher priced specialty store will save you more than a month worth of bargain petrol shopping. Making your own coffee/getting one from a gas station instead of Starbucks a few times a week and you can just start using the "Super" grade gas every time.

The point is...if you are going to put a little bit of effort into things...it's much better to locate other "deals" than to go out of your way to find the cheapest gas station.
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