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Thursday, December 27, 2007
  End Of 2007 Update
I suppose I have to give an update to all of my countless readers every once in a while. Hundreds if not thousands of you may not even know me in real life, so this might be the only chance you'll have to take a peek into my life.

The "big" things are being out of work, the new job, and of course the puppy (which you can sometimes call "puppie", I heard).

I'm a contractor and I certainly unsderstand that there is always a risk that I will find myself lacking enough work to pay the bills. However, I did my due diligence and I had the next thing lined up to start at the end of my previous contract. Mere hours before I was supposed to start the new contract (in reality I think it may have been like five days...) I received a call informing me that all new contracting positions would be suspended until at least the following month. If you can't translate what that meant to me it pretty much meant that the rug got pulled out from under my job at the last second (and some other poor souls as well).

I'll skip the gory details in between then and the final result and I'll just tell you that I eventually managed to find a new contract. Now I'm doing [NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT] and working on [N.D.A.], which obviously sounds super rad and crazy awesome. I mean, how many places have you worked at that regularly have employees wearing as many leather products as the new place I work. Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems has nothing to do with what you all thought at the end of the previous sentence (you have sick and twisted minds!). Anyway, I'm digging the new job as it is challenging, interesting, a growth experience, and it pays more than the last job -- which is pretty much all you can ask for.

I'll still be digging myself out of the oops-I-forgot-to-save-money-for-times-when-I-don't-have-a-contract situation I was in for a long while. While I'm doing so I have a semi-retarded but ultra-cute puppy at home. We asked around and my mom would be the prime candidate to take Sadie when we get rid of her.

The thing about it is we are sort of attached to Sadie and she is getting better at most things. She usually sleeps through the night and doesn't pee on everything all of the time anymore. She listens to a few key commands if she isn't being moody. I'm used to that with my wife, so I already know how to handle that. Plus she doesn't usually pee on things when she gets excited (I'm not sure where my wife stands with that). I'm thinking we'll be keeping Sadie around (my wife, too).

I probably need to throw some pictures up showing how much Sadie has grown (she's 5 pounds now, which is like 2.777 times bigger than any of the other pictures you've seen).

Peace out homies. Stay crunk and shake dem apple bottoms, aight?

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