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Thursday, June 26, 2008
  Beware of the New World Order
I have always been interested in all of the conspiracy theories and ghost stories surrounding the Illuminati, the Free Masons, and the New World Order. That triangle eye on top of the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill has ties to the Illuminati/Free Masons. In fact, if you dig into it, the Illuminati has many strong ties going way back into American history.

The New World Order "is a secret shadowy cabal of Illuminati elites who secretly run all the banks and the governments and the big corporations", at least according to some website I read.

This stuff gets really crazy and full of conspiracies the more you dig into it. The conspiracy theorists believe The Bilderberg Group is trying to institute a globalist New World Order. Most of the US Presidents have attended Bilderberg Group meetings or are members of the "Behemian Club" (also called Bohemian Grove). The "Bohemians" are the most exclusive men's club / fraternity in the Western Hemisphere. It's "a Who's Who of corporate board members, bankers, entertainers, faded literati, world-class politicians, and heads of government."

Every July at Bohemian Grove, California (on the south shore of the Russian River) is a commencement ceremony called the "Cremation of Care". The club's mascot is burned in effigy to a 40-foot owl god (Moloch) which symbolizes a freedom from care. The wild story is there are rumors that they do a human sacrifice there (it is very well protected).

The Grove has a Shakespearean motto: "Weaving spiders come not here." Not many details are known about discussions or agreements that have been made in the grove, but one example is the "1967 agreement by Ronald Reagan, over a drink with Richard Nixon, to stay out of the coming presidential race – have helped mould America’s destiny." ~ Maclean’s Magazine, March 23, 1981.

I won't go into much more here, but the conspiracy theorists have tied the Free Mason's to the occult and have tied major politicians and prominent figureheads and decision-makers to Illuminati clubs. I'm not saying any of this is true - but if it is then should we be scared?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
  Time Travel Paradoxes Part 1
If it was 3 AM during my freshman year of college and I was NOT drunk at a party, chances are a few of us engineering nerds at Case were debating about time travel, black holes, or some such pseudo-science / pseudo-mind-fsk topics. My favorite was when we would – scientifically mind you – argue the possibilities and paradoxes surrounding time travel.

We’ve all heard the problem with going back in time to kill either yourself or your parents. It has to be impossible because then the future you that just did it would not exist and it could never have happened in the first place. It’s to time travel what divide by zero is to math. It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s a freakin paradox.

What if the universe, by some great cosmic force, course corrected for the changes that you made in time. What if it is more intricate than you thought it could be? Sure, you stepping on the butterfly changed the wind such that the storm hit a different city across the world which caused a different guy to skid in the rain and run over a woman bearing the child that would have grown up to lead the fight against our robot overlords in 2042. So, instead that cosmic force rearranges a few inconsequential things to raise a DIFFERENT robot overlord fighting hero. Is that possible? What would the limits be on such a force? What if you knew what the force either had to do or what it planned on doing? Could you escape fate? Could you live forever? I guess it all depends on whether or not such a force even exists.

Consciousness displacement, also called being “dislodged in time” by Kurt Vonnegut who authored Slaughterhouse 5 (good book, also read Cat’s Cradle if you get a chance), is when your whole being isn’t what travels through time – it is simply your thoughts. This is apparently also what is happening on the television show “Lost” when a few characters suddenly jump between certain times in their own life. Basically think about it this way – you can only jump to a place that you have been at or will be at during another very specific time-space point on the map. However, whatever you knew then is replaced by what you know and are doing now.

Dislodging yourself in time can create brand new paradoxical situations. For example, if I stayed at home because the forecast called for rain but future me jumped back knowing that it never rained and I instead went to the amusement park and got on the roller coaster that fell apart and killed all of the passengers then future me could never have even done it. In fact let’s say I never died, but my experiences changed. Ok, so what happened to all of those memories? They never really happened. Or, is my brain aware of both situations (what really happened the first time and what really happened after I changed things)?

Here I go again…I can think about these things for hours…

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Friday, June 06, 2008
  Mini-Updates About Jason
I was going to write a bunch of little meaningless blog posts, but I became more busy than expected and it would have been some boring stuff anyway. Instead I'll jam a few things into one larger and more useless update.

1. Jason, did you get the laptop, PS3, or Xbox 360?
I decided the laptop would be more useful for my career...plus it was tough deciding between a 360 or PS3. Dude, I ended up getting a Dell. It's super gay yellow, 15.4" 1440x1050 resolution, 4 GB RAM, Core2Duo 2x2.0GHz processor, etc. The super gay yellow is probably the best stat if I had to pick just one. Oh, and it came with Vista, which is simultaneously as bad as I had heard yet better in a lot of ways, too.

2. Wresting with my weight
I have always told myself that I would never let myself become fatter than 200 pounds. So, in mid-January when I was at 199.5 lbs, I decided to give myself until mid-June (6 months) to lose 20 pounds (goal of 179.5 lbs). If it proved to be easy then I really wanted to get down to 175.

So, by mid-March I was 188 and things were looking good. In the first week of April I was slowing down - but I made it to 183.5 pounds. But...I don't exactly understand what happened after that. I was still running at least a couple of times per week. I was eating salads and egg whites and skipping cheese and not drinking pop most of the time.

I creeped up over 190 for a little bit but I'm back down to 187 now. I only have 8 days left and I'm 7.5 pounds over my target, so it looks to be impossible now. I won't give up, though. I've been doing sit ups every day for the past 3 days and I plan to continue until June 15th. I'll give the final weight when I get there.

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