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Friday, June 06, 2008
  Mini-Updates About Jason
I was going to write a bunch of little meaningless blog posts, but I became more busy than expected and it would have been some boring stuff anyway. Instead I'll jam a few things into one larger and more useless update.

1. Jason, did you get the laptop, PS3, or Xbox 360?
I decided the laptop would be more useful for my career...plus it was tough deciding between a 360 or PS3. Dude, I ended up getting a Dell. It's super gay yellow, 15.4" 1440x1050 resolution, 4 GB RAM, Core2Duo 2x2.0GHz processor, etc. The super gay yellow is probably the best stat if I had to pick just one. Oh, and it came with Vista, which is simultaneously as bad as I had heard yet better in a lot of ways, too.

2. Wresting with my weight
I have always told myself that I would never let myself become fatter than 200 pounds. So, in mid-January when I was at 199.5 lbs, I decided to give myself until mid-June (6 months) to lose 20 pounds (goal of 179.5 lbs). If it proved to be easy then I really wanted to get down to 175.

So, by mid-March I was 188 and things were looking good. In the first week of April I was slowing down - but I made it to 183.5 pounds. But...I don't exactly understand what happened after that. I was still running at least a couple of times per week. I was eating salads and egg whites and skipping cheese and not drinking pop most of the time.

I creeped up over 190 for a little bit but I'm back down to 187 now. I only have 8 days left and I'm 7.5 pounds over my target, so it looks to be impossible now. I won't give up, though. I've been doing sit ups every day for the past 3 days and I plan to continue until June 15th. I'll give the final weight when I get there.

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maybe if you stop eating food after dinner every night you could lose a couple more pounds! no more looking for peanuts and crap!
1) Is it ambiguously gay?

2) Just do the Mega Cleanse fast for 8 days. You can lose 7.5 pounds. Psyllium husk is good to get things moving too.

I'm not sure how he did it, but Kevin at HDDS lost like 12 pounds in the final week of the biggest loser competition. I'm thinking ankle weights.
Run, a lot. All the damn time. I didn't start seeing major results until Lindsay (being the marathon runner that she is) got me up to 25 miles/ week - which yes, sucked then and still does as I hate running. We do 10 miles every Sunday followed by a minimum of 3/ day Mon-Fri taking only Saturday to rest. Sit-ups will help strengthen the abdominals but they do almost nothing to help lose weight. Combine your Forrest Gump running style with a strict diet. Nuts are great for you. I would stay away from eating crap though...
Strictly speaking, peanuts are not nuts. I however, second the advice that you should avoid eating crap. It can harbor myriad disease-causing microorganisms.
I hear tofu is making a comeback. By the way, smart choice with the laptop. Anyway, PS3 and 360 will be old news in six months. The newest fad should be out by then.
You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?!
You know what I like about Jason when he is above 190 lbs? His milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
Mr. Moran what you have just posted here is one of the most insanely...
I'm taking you to Taco Bell tonight because you are getting too skinny. I need my big bobo back. It's true what they say...more cushion for the pushin'....mmmm mmmm
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