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Friday, April 21, 2006
  Why I'm Not Posting Very Much
I have lowered the frequency of new posts due to many parts of my life becoming very stressful and busy. Unfortunately, I'm helping to bring a lot of this on myself. These things are the temporary busy-ness makers:

Fortunately, we are pretty well moved into our house. Now it's just a matter of what/when we paint and decorate various rooms. The house comes primed with white, so it's up to us to introduce colors into our abode.

Don't let the 3 projects at work sound "good". I'm actually done with one and the other two should be done in a week or two (and I'm not even close). After that I have 0 projects on the horizon...ie, who's gonna pay me?

I am very slowly redesigning my website ( www.jason-moran.com ). If you've stumbled by there in recent months you will notice it is out of date and completely not maintained any longer. I hope to revamp it and start to use it once again in the coming months.

Getting back into shape will hopefully be easy. I've been consistent at lifting for almost three years now, so the last three months of slacking are probably a fixable oddity. I will admit, however, that it is humbling to have to lift half of the weight and not to be able to run for more than 8 minutes.

Lastly I have had lots of commitments eating up too much of my time. The timing with those was just a pain because we were busy elsewhere.

The end is within site and I should start blogging more frequently by the end of the first week of May (May 1st is my birthday, so that will be yet another busy time period). Oh, and I promise my blogs will not be so boring once I have more time to "waste" on them.
See you guys (without kids) seem to be as busy as we are!

Have fun adding color to your abode and congrats on the new house!!!

I wish you great success on the "getting back into shape"...may the scale be friendlier to you my friend...lol!

And Hope more work projects come your way! Blessings to you and Kelly!
Happy Early Birthday...And careful on May Day as you from the city should well know.
IT'S OFFICIAL: I'm a loser. It's been over 3 days and I've only gotten two comments. ;( No, that's not a wink. It's a tear.
"Dog Poop?! This is AWESOME!!"
hey its not a waste - theres some great stuff that comes from these blogs. and happy early birthday. and happy fun new house painting. can't wait to see it sometime....and i know what u mean, comments have been down lately. maybe its just a busy season everywhere. hmmm. okay, well, see u when u r back up to posting par.
no, you're not a loser, this game is like golf, fewer the better... or at least that's what I tell myself.

o, and I read this when you posted it. so, I think it's just a lazy writing season. I'm willing to read, just not to reply...lol.
Sure...you can whine about others not posting on your blog, but you can stop posting on theirs?
Happy Birthday Bobo J. Mo
Happy Birthday Bobo J. Mo
oh, thats right, today's the day. 26 years old? happy birthday. have a great one.
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